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5 Elements Palm "Heavy Hands"

Got a nice new bag to put under mine and now its atop an old meditation cushion I have to deaden sound in my apartment. Thought I would film some of the bag work today after I finished my Heavy Hands Qigong.
Each of the five hand shapes is linked to one of the five phases or more commonly called "5 Elements" - Earth is the palm and is to produce an even deep strike, Water the back of the hand and produces a round "spalshing" strike, Wood a chopping strike like cutting a groove into a piece of wood, Fire a "popping" bursting strike with forward force from the long bones of the forearm and Metal "Dotting" with the fingertips for deep insertion type strikes.
While the bag work is the least of the three phases of this internal iron palm training it is still important to work on release of force through the joints and the sensation of striking....
Our study group is here: Iron Palm Study Group
The Book detailing the method: