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8 Drunken Immortals: Excerpt

A little excerpt from my writing this morning. I am working on a special edition for next year of my “Secrets of Drunken Boxing” Series. Book 3 is finished and at the editor and the special edition will have another book of information included in it getting into the advanced training of the style: The Eight Immortals.
So far I am about 70 pages in of detailing about each of the Immortals, traditional stories about them, their use as personality archetypes, entry/attacking methods of each immortal, techniques found in Drunken Fist specific to each Immortal, the eight secret exercises of the style (Fu Zhu Gong Fa) and the Immortals training sequence from Tumbling Immortal Fist along with applications.
I have been asked by many of my readers to go into detail about this part of the style for some time and I felt it necessary to start at the beginning to paint the immortals in context when I got to them and finally now I feel able to! Wish me luck as I keep trying to put this info into text, it’s so much more difficult than teaching it live!
Here is a bit about the immortals from the upcoming “Secrets of Drunken Boxing: Special Edition”
The other books are here if your interested:
The Eight Immortals:
Tieguai Li (Li Tieguai) 李鐵拐
Disciple of Lao Zi, he is depicted as a lame beggar who walked using an iron crutch (thus he is called "tieguai" which means iron crutch). Formerly he was a handsome hermit named Li Xuan. One day when he left his physical body to travel astrally and meet Lao Zi, his student, thinking he would not return cremated (burnt) his body. So when his spirit returned, it had nowhere to reside and he was forced to find another body. Nearby he found a beggar that had recently died, Li placed his spirit in the beggars wine gourd and used the beggars body as his own.
He is worshipped as the patron of the ill and impoverished.
Zhongli Quan (Han Zhongli) 漢鍾離
Zhongli quan was a famous general from Han Dynasty who was defeated by the Tibetan
army. Because he couldn't return to his country after such a failure he then lived as an ascetic
under tenure of the senior deity Donghua Dijun. As he was a part of the Han Dynasty he was known by the people as Han Zhongli (Zhongli of Han). Zhongli quan is described as a
bearded old man with an exposed round belly, he also wears his hair in a topknot like a child.
He always is seen with the sea stirring feather fan in his hand.
He is a patron of the military
Zhang Guolao 張果老
The oldest member of the Eight Immortals sometimes also known as the “White Bat that escaped the primordial chaos”. He has a magic donkey that can run a thousand miles in a single day, which he rides backwards while reading and studying his books. When he has reached his destination he will turn the animal into a paper doll and put it in his pocket. When needed, he will sprinkle water on the paper doll and it will turn into a donkey again. Zhang Guolao was also known as a famous magician during the Tang Dynasty. His talisman was a bamboo drum.
Zhang Guolao is patron for artists
Lu Dongbin (Lu Chunyang) 呂洞賓
Probably the most popular of the Eight Immortals and the leader of the group. The religious Taoist community worship him as a patriarch, while secular people recognize him as naughty deity who fond with prostitute and wine. He was Zhang Guolao's disciple and his weapon was an invisible demon slaying flying sword.
He is patron of barbers, scholars and inner alchemy practitioners.
Lan Caihe 藍采和
A young beggar who either became immortal or was born immortal. It is uncertain whether Lan Caihe was male or female.. He/she is pictured with jade clappers and a basket of flowers in his hand.
This youngest member of Eight Immortals was patron of florists and gardeners
He Xiangu 何仙姑
The only female in the group. Her real name was He Shunu (or He Hua in another
version), a daughter of drugstore's owner (or tofu maker in other story). One
night he dreamed that an old deity came to her room and taught her the secret of
immortality by consuming mica powder. After awakening from his dream he told her of it and she followed his instructions and even vowed to stay a virgin. He Xiangu is always pictured holding a lotus in her hand. It is her responsibility to “set the order” of the Immortals like a wife sets the rule and order of a household.
She is the patron of house wives.
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