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八醉仙 Eight Immortals & Drunken Boxing

Had some time to myself on a road trip and took some time to make a video about we have been covering in the full time intensive course with my drunken students. The eight immortals and their stories are something that are always paid lip service in matters concerning Drunken Style and it seems to me are not trained enough or at least openly discussed either with students or in public. Well if there is one thing I really hate in Martial Arts it's teachers who pay lip service to training methods and when asked about them always say it comes 'later on'.
The Eight Immortals from Taoist legend are used in movies and referenced by techniques and applications in most if not all the drunken styles, at least those I have come across. Lu Dong Bin, Li Tie Guai, Cao Guo Jiu, He Xian Ku, Lan Cai He, and the rest are all ways of archetyping humanity and the qualities that we can aspire to as people in regards to neigong. In martial arts practice those qualities can translate to different ways of thought and execution of the art. The drunken version of the immortals like with any person are without all their airs, their true selves, former selves minus inhibitions shine through. Some drunks are happy, some careless, some angry, some vicious and cruel. The mind changes everything in martial arts. Drilling techniques thousands of times mindlessly is worth far less than time spent really working through your issues, bad habits, mistakes and looking to better every single one.
Psychological change, creates physiological response AKA Yi Ling Qi - The Mind Leads the Qi.
Here is the Video:
Neil Ripski