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Blogging: It's like a Journal only legible.


Yeah so this is me blogging. Writing down my innermost (?) thoughts on here rather than always in my journal. Yes I keep a journal, a handwritten one as I have since I was a kid just starting martial arts. I have a huge pile of them now in a footlocker I keep close to me either at the school or my place. Its one of the best things I have ever done writing down my thoughts, ideas, feelings and notes from teachers as I learned them and travelled through training. Its the most effective and amazing way to look back at yourself and see how far you have come. In my case I went from notes like "Keep your foot vertical in a back kick" to pages long musings about the relative movement of dantien, the yi and the qi. Better than any scrap of cloth anyone could have ever given me really...

I know I tell all my students how good it is to keep one. Sure helps me get through those tough training days when it always seems to be raining in my head.